Choose Your Charity…Mercy House

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What an amazing opportunity we have been given by Old National Bank!!!

They are giving away $17,000 to 17 local charities ($1,000 gifts each)

Here’s how EASY PEASY it is to vote for Mercy House!!!

Go to your local Old National bank

and vote for Mercy House as your favorite Charity.

You can vote Once per day (yes…you can vote daily…hint hint 😉  between NOW and April 17th 2015!!!


Visit this link for more information!!


Thank You so so much for your continued support!


New Year New Life tea success!!

WOW, what an amazing evening we had with so many wonderful ladies. A variety of ladies groups from local churches, the Soroptimist, and so many others joined us, as we shared 2015 goals for Mercy House and enjoy tea, snacks and of course raffles and silent auctions for MANY great items that were all donated!!!


Here’s a few peeks at our evening!

(ok, a lot of peeks)


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So far we have 14 monthly sponsors for 2015!! We look forward to this number growing and dream of opening the doors to beautiful mamas this summer!!!


If you’re interested in becoming a monthly sponsor, please call the office at 734-240-2239



Freedom Fest 2013

Every year NBMH is invited out to New Life Church’s Freedom Fest! It’s a fabulous outreach to the community

DSC_0384 DSC_0394 DSC_0401 DSC_0407 DSC_0423 DSC_0455 DSC_0457 DSC_0553

We set up our info, had 3 wonderful gift baskets up for raffle! (it only required a donation) and we even had a local photographer there this year to offer a Photo-Booth! Each year it gets even better!

Did you come to the Freedom Fest? Do you have a photo of you visiting the Mercy House Booth? or winning a basket? Share them on our facebook page!